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that he becomes more resistant to arrows, rather than having to keep him constantly on his Fellbeast because he takes exactly the same damage from everything when he's in the air as he does. However, when I go to the downloads page mentionned, it just brings me to the main site of a huge forum. Whenever I want to start playing rotwk version.02, I get this notification: "A new Version of Unofficial.02 exists. Org community uses a program called GameRanger. The primary objective.02 is to leave RotWK players with the familiarity they have acquired playing.01, but nevertheless make gameplay far more enjoyable by making underused aspects of the game better, fixing bugs, and balancing the game. Although a few bugs can only be fixed by EA itself, we do fix everything that we can. Bug Report Topic, and we'll try to make sure it gets fixed in the next release.

It's fun to build upgrades like Houses of Healing (worse healing than a Well.01) and Venom Sacs (a practically useless upgrade for a practically useless unit, which cost 1000 just to research ). This patch is thorough. All of the reasons that.02 makes the game more fun in multiplayer apply to singleplayer as well. 2.02 has gone through a long process of "fixing" RotWK, as ever since the game's release it has been clear several elements of the official version of RotWK were broken. Singleplayer.02 isn't just about multiplayer. It's no secret that the.01 patch is plagued by a myriad of serious bugs. 2.02 is all about making units that you wish you could have used.01 stronger, not nerfing your favorite units. We don't expect anyone who plays.02 to enjoy every single change that it has made to the game from.01. Everything is Useful, one of the biggest problems with the official.01 patch is the huge number of practically useless units, structures, heroes, abilities, and powers. It's fun to see powers like Army of the Dead (an otherwise great power hindered by poor accessibility) and Cloud Break (overshadowed by other 15 PP powers) used on a regular basis. Create-a-Hero Support.02 is determined to leave no aspect of the game unsupported, so Create-a-Heroes have received a fair number of changes as well, though all of your.01 heroes will work perfectly.02, and vice-versa.

RotWK Patch.02.0.0 Download Page - Rise of the Witch King
RotWK Patch.02 mod for Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch
Downloads - RotWK Patch.02 mod for Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise
Rotwk: Unofficial.02 patch - Battle for Middle Earth II Heaven Forum
Unofficial RotWK.02c Balance Patch at Lord of the Rings: Battle for

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