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debugger PAP - Password Authentication Protocol, provides a simple method for the peer to establish its identity using a 2-way handshake (PPP suite). Ncrb - National Crime Record Bureau NCS - Cisco Network Control System Cisco Prime Network Control System (Prime NCS) NCS - (PacketCable) Network-based Call Signaling ncsa - National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Hdtv and other formats may not display 50 of the lines every other time (it complicated when converting both picture size and resolution). (SAN) FL-port - A fabric loop port is located on a fabric switch. Elevator Sort - Data is written to disk in order of increasing cylinder, head and sector number, minimising physical disk seeks and rotational latency. Now an IBM Sterling product for point-to-point (peer-to-peer) file transfer. Backend storage - The next layer of storage in a storeage hierarchy behind any virtualization interface. T.120 - shared whiteboard.125 - The.120 family of protocols describe protocols and services for multipoint Data Conferencing including multilayer protocols which considerably enhance multimedia, MCU and codec control capabilities, permitting greater MCU operational sophistication beyond that described.231 and.243. Jython - Jython is an implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented language Python written in 100 Pure Java, and seamlessly integrated with the Java platform. The combining of html.0 and XML.0 into a single format for the Web. Subject - is the description of the content.

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More ; Product Line Manager plmn - Public Land Mine Network plogi - Port Login (similar in operation to flogi) -. A performance caching technique in which the completion of a write request is signaled as soon as the data is in cache. See also mgcp.261 -.261 describes a video stream for transport using the real-time transport protocol, RTP, with any of the underlying protocols that carry RTP. It is similar to a partition in that you cannot move files into or out of a qtree. Super XGA - 1400 x 1050 pixels. Nothing is altijd het resultaat van een exception. TCB - Trusted Computing Base.

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