europa universalis 4 patch downloaden

of the king's wife and son when enacting government/reform that doesn't allow them is now done in secrecy. Added more polynesian names. Anglican faith now counts as a protestant faith for purposes of the spread of the Printing Press institution. Released alongside Art of War.

Either go to downloads and try to resume it manually or try to restart steam.
Europa Universalis 4 "ExtendedTimeline".
Patch.09 für Europa Universalis.
It is recommended that you do a fresh install from your CD and then just apply this.09 patch.
However it will work if patching over an earlier patch.

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Events - Correct triggers on "build a great palace" random events - Changed effect of SCO #John Knox and the Religious Strife# event to implement Reformed religion, not Protestant - Added exists FRA trigger to ENG #The Bank Restriction Act# event, as historically it required. Fixed most of Shanxi not belonging to a Trade Company. Fixed bug which could make the Japanese mission to colonize Taiwan trigger when it was already fulfilled. State View: Fixed Conscript Janissaries button not always disabled if you didn't have enough Military Power. Fixed bug in the English/British mission to establish trade in America that made it impossible to complete after forming Great Britain. Europa Universalis IV: National Monuments.