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group of cheats for GTA San Andreas. Vkypqcf Gangs takeover cheat Type this cheat and state streets will be filled with gangs only. If you were searching cheats for console cheats, they are in neighbor categories. Truegrime or ubhyzhq Spawn Quad Quad is the best way to cross the desert.

Pencarian Terkait: cheat gta pc,cheat gta san andreas pc,cheat gta. Pas udh naik motor. Jadi ngendarain motornya pake jeatpack biar gak jatuh.

Jysdsod, respect maksimum, worshipme, sex appeal maksimal, helloladies. Bgluawml Hitman Target cheat After this cheat is activated CJ will have a bounty on his head and pedestrians will do anything possible to kill a poor man. Max All Vehicle Skill Stats, aiwprton, spawn Rhino. Make sure you reach some high spot to use it properly. CJ will be able to shoot far and accurate. After you type it CJ will become thin.

Cvwkxam, adrenaline, once you type this cheat the actor will go into bullet-time mod, also gaining unbelieveable power. This cheat can't be turned off, so don't save the game unless you want to break your save data. Urkqsrk or flyingtostunt Transport characteristics, traffic and vehicle control cheats These cheats will help you upgrade your vehicle by adding nitro to it or by making it invisible. Here we present you cheats for GTA San Andreas.

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